Adjustment method of elevator car door

The failure of the elevator door system accounts for a large proportion of the total failure rate of the elevator. The car door mechanism is the most frequently operated system in the elevator work, and it is directly related to the safe and reliable operation of the elevator. The failure rate of the car door system accounts for a considerable proportion of the door system failure rate. The main reason is that the installation process of the car door system has not met the design requirements.

    1. The installation of the door opener, car door, safety touch panel and doorknob has been completed by the installation team during maintenance and will not be described.

    2. The adjustment of the car door is the premise of the door system adjustment. Only after the car door is adjusted, the lieutenant colonel is on the door (I am like this).

    3, first use the hair dryer to dust the car door, and then use the sandpaper above 300# to polish the car door track to ensure the car door is flexible.

    4, adjust the car door, must do:

    1 The distance between the door panel and the sill is 4mm, and the distance between the car door and the front wall of the car is 4-6mm (not too small);

    2 The two car doors must be on one plane. The inspection method is to use the steel ruler to lean on the upper and lower ends of the two door panels to see if it is flat;

    The front and side of the 3 door panels must be vertical so that the closed center seam is neat and tidy, and after opening, it is flush with the front wall of the car. After adjusting the car door, you can manually open and close the door. The whole switch process should be easy and smooth.

    5. Adjust the touch panel and light curtain.

    When the touch panel is extended, the amount of protrusion of the touch panel is preferably 30 to 50 mm, and the amount of protrusion of the two touch panels is the same when used. The light curtain should be flush, there must be no abnormal triggering during the fast opening and closing process, especially for the rear light curtain.

    6, adjust the door opener:

    Step 1 determines that the distance between the doorknife and the hall sill is 7 mm, and the vertical direction in this direction is ensured;

    Step 2: Determine the distance between the blade of the doorknife and the decoupling roller of the door lock of the hall door. The distance between the blade and the door of the hall door lock is about 7mm. The elevator is observed throughout the operation, and the gap of most hall doors can be left and right in a small range. Appropriate amount of translation of the car door assembly (this method is not applicable to the double-folding door of the double-synchronous door knife such as the TD3200 car ladder door machine)

    Step 3: The two sides of the door cutter blade, that is, the side of the push roller must be vertical;

    Step 4 Check that the car door does not have an abnormal sound when the hall door is driven.

    7. Adjust the speed of the switch door:

    It should be adjusted under the condition that the car door drives the hall door, the speed control is about 0.70m/s, and the door opening speed can be appropriately hurry. The acceleration and deceleration of opening and closing are adjusted according to the elevator. Mainly the acceleration and deceleration time of the curve inflection point; after the adjustment is required, the corner of the inflection point becomes a curve, not a fold line, the opening and closing of the switch door should be soft, and there should be no impact phenomenon when opening and closing the door.

Adjustment method of elevator car door