Elevator 125% brake test! Suggested cancellation! Please forward!

125% brake test of the elevator: The car is loaded with 125% of the rated load. When the vehicle runs at the normal running speed, the motor and brake are cut off. The brake should be able to stop the drive unit. The car should be free from obvious deformation and damage after the test.
The test method is:

Supervised inspection: the construction unit shall conduct the test, and the inspection personnel shall observe and confirm on the spot;

Regular inspection: The maintenance unit will conduct the test every 5 years, and the inspection personnel will observe and confirm on site.

No one denies that the starting point of the 125% load test is good, but who is responsible for the serious damage to the elevator after the test? If the damage occurs during the supervision of the new ladder, there is no doubt that the manufacturer or the installation unit is responsible. But for the regular inspection problem, if the elevator is really damaged when doing the test, what should I do? The inspection agency can be said to have done according to the requirements of the state. If it is damaged, it means that the elevator is not qualified! But the people don’t necessarily think so. The elevator is good before you check it. If you check the elevator, it will be ruined. I won’t find someone in your government department! It has indeed happened that ordinary people went to the quality inspection department to petition, and asked the quality inspection department to repair the damaged elevator after the load test.

You can’t always say to the people: You should thank us! We tested it with weights. If there are so many people in the elevator, if the elevator does not work, the people in the elevator will be finished!

Of course, I personally think that there is a very big problem here: some elevators may not have 125% load test when they are in the new ladder inspection. These elevators may not be able to withstand 125% load test when they are new ladders. Now It has been more difficult to say after using it for so long!

On the one hand, we ask that the elevator can not be overloaded, then why do you have to do 125% overload test? In fact, many elevator overload protection switches in China are relatively low. It is not uncommon for 13 people’s elevators to go in and out of 7 or 8 elevators. So, is the actual overload condition of the elevator a common phenomenon?

I have heard such a metaphor: We are all 70s and 80s old people. It is very good to be alive. You have to let me run 100 meters to prove that my body is healthy, is it right? It is not always possible for these elevators in use to do a 125% load test on a new ladder. Have you used it for decades to re-make it a 125% load test?

Some experts believe that this is a project that needs to be verified for type testing, but it is put into the existing elevator inspection. This method will use a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. The annual inspection cost of this inspection project is far more than 8.5 billion, exceeding Total profit of the elevator industry! The entire inspection cost of the elevator will also exceed 20 billion yuan. This is a huge expense. Will these costs eventually fall on the people and users? This test is not to transfer the responsibility and cost of the type test to the elevator enterprises and users?

Some elevator company leaders agreed with the experts and said: It is reasonable to say that the company in charge of the elevator company has installed and installed elevators in more than 50 countries around the world, but no country is using elevators to do 125% full speed safety. In the case of the clamp action test, the relevant departments cannot sit in the office to formulate policies, and formulate policies to fully listen to the opinions and suggestions of the enterprises. I hope that the relevant departments of the government can listen to the voices of the elevator enterprises and let the elevators have more hopes and opportunities.

Elevator recommends: Stop the full implementation of this test. If you need to explore the experience, you can distinguish the different scenarios of elevator use. Firstly, test the elevators in commercial districts and industrial districts with high traffic volume and high intensity, and suspend the elevator test in residential quarters. After fully accumulating experience, gradually promote them.

Elevator 125% brake test! Suggested cancellation! Please forward!