Your perfect life is comfortable and relaxing

The humane design decorates your noble life space. We enhance your life grade in the times of high & new tech. FUJI-HITECH home elevator brings about a more convenient and high-grade life. It displays the outstanding properties in a limited space. It has no machine room. Extremely small top-floor height can match with various old and new residences. Relying on the standard track installation system, the elevators can be installed more quickly and conveniently. In addition, the smooth start and leveling system bring about the more stable elevator operation. Therefore you feel more comfortable in the elevator travel.

The characteristics of home elevator:

No need of traditional machine room, without any construction cost increased.
Specally designed rucksack frame for the home elevator with traction ratio 2:1.
WWVF drive technology, FUJI-HITECH home elevator appropriative microprocessing control.
Slide + roller composite guide shoe
The appropriative traction machine bracket is fixed on the guiderail. The building will not have any load We apply 220V signle-phase home eleyator special machine.
Automatic special door machine, synchronous timing belt transmission,TUV CE Certification poaaed.
Comply with “Home Elevator National Standard GB/T21739-2008”.